Our Products

Bread Sticks

Legacy Bakehouse breadsticks can be created according to your preferences. You can choose the flavors, sizes, and textures and we will do the rest for you. Ideal for enhancing any product range, they bring a unique and delectable addition to your offerings.

Rye Chips

We can tailor-make high-quality rye crisps to match your exact product specifications or recipe. Whatever size, flavor, texture, and color you choose, our rye crisps are designed to be a unique addition to your product lineup.

Bagel Chips

Our bagel chip components are made to fit what your business needs. You can choose the flavor, crunch, size, shape, and color as specified. We ensure every bagel chip component is consistently high quality, making them a great addition to your lineup.

Pita Chips

Our pita chips are tailored to match your product design requirements, letting you define the ideal taste, crunch, size, shape, and color for your products. Each chip meets or exceeds the quality and safety expectations of leading brands, ensuring consistency in every chip.

Snack Mix

Legacy Bakehouse creates snack mixes that combine the best of our offerings, including rye crisps, breadsticks, and more, to create an enjoyable snacking experience. Each mix is carefully tailored to customer specifications, blending a variety of tastes, textures, and sizes to ensure a product that’s both unique and satisfying for your consumers.

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Legacy Bakehouse crafts high-quality, superior-tasting croutons, tailored to your exact needs. With a focus on customizable flavors, sizes, and textures, we can create croutons that are perfect for adding crunch to soups, salads, and more, elevating the dining experience of your consumers with their exceptional taste and quality.

Pellet Processing

Legacy Bakehouse’s pellet processing utilizes advanced technology for creating high-quality, customized snack pellets. From selecting premium ingredients to extruding, drying, and quick-cooking the pellets, we ensure optimal texture and stability. Our flexible process supports a wide range of flavors and dietary preferences, delivering high-quality and delectable snack components.

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Processing Methods

01 Baked

02 Fried

03 Toast


01 Regular Bite

02 Soft Bite


0.12" through 0.5"