Private Label

Research and

Legacy Bakehouse® can custom-tailor our base products by seasoning to your specific requirements, and can custom design both flavoring and bread mixes to achieve almost any look, feel or taste you may desire.

Product Design

Legacy Bakehouse® has an In-House Quality Assurance Program designed to ensure that all products meet or exceed the company’s standards when shipped. Product specifications include, chip diameter and thickness, weight, moisture content, breakage, color analysis, fat percentage and salt content. All In-House testing conducted in our R&D and Quality Assurance lab.

Versatility in

Legacy Bakehouse® can also assist with your package design and printing needs. We offer the knowledge, experience, and expertise to meet your specifications from individual to bulk packaging, while facilitating compliance with current FDA standards for nutritional labeling.

Bulk Sizing

From 10 lb, 40 lb to 500 lb Totes

Private Label

01 Bag in Box

02 Form Fill and Seal

03 Multiple or Single Serving

04 Side Gusset Bags (from 0.75 oz to 26 oz)