Product Development

Dough Mixing

Legacy Bakehouse utilizes stock or custom dough formulations, backed by extensive R&D experience, to deliver product attributes desired by customers.

Product Forming

Legacy Bakehouse uses a sheeting process for consistent taste, texture, and size in our products. We can adjust lengths and widths with our in-house forming dies to meet your needs.

Pre/Post-Bake Topical

Our process includes a Pre/Post-Bake Topical stage. This involves the use of Depositors for the application of pre-bake particulates as needed, ensuring each product receives the perfect touch of flavor and texture. Following the baking, we employ a tumbled drum for precise oiling and seasoning application, guaranteeing a consistent and delectable finish to every item.


Our bulk packaging ranges from 10 to 500 pounds, suitable for large-scale requirements. For retail, we provide pillow pouches, both single and multi-pouch cartoning, and convenient stand-up resealable zipper pouches, ensuring freshness and ease of use for the end consumer.

Lead/Turnaround Time

Legacy Bakehouse is committed to meeting timelines with efficiency. We offer 1-pound tasting samples within just a week, allowing you to quickly experience our product quality. For trial quantities, we can deliver within a month when utilizing a stock die. For full production orders, we’re fully equipped to scale up within 8-12 weeks, ensuring your needs are met with precision and speed.

Tailored Snack Components for Your Business

Our snack components come with a promise of complete customization, from taste and crunch to size, flavor, shape, texture, and even packaging. We cater to the specific requirements of your operation, ensuring our products seamlessly integrate into your offerings and enhance your customer experience.